We partner with Primary Producers and empower them to reach new heights.

Our customer base consists of a large number of primary producers including cattle graziers, broad acre cropping, dairy farming, melon growing, sugarcane and turf farming.

We have the internal knowledge base to assist in this very specialised field.

As mentioned in ‘Our Story’ our Partners are locally based and have been involved in primary production activities drawing their knowledge from a grass roots level.

One of our points of difference is that we understand primary production terminology and farming practices at this practical level and businesses that have engaged our services find this to be a refreshing change.

We do not take for granted the need to keep abreast of legislative developments in primary production relating to farm management deposits (FMDs), forced disposals, tax concessions, depreciating assets and land care operations.

Currently primary production is facing a barrage of new challenges to the industry with the building resource sector. Being located in the heart of the Surat Basin we see first hand what is taking place and understand the effects on your business first hand.